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Ultimate Hellsing Cosplay

In the Name of Hirano, Impure Cosplay will be Banished into Eternal Humiliation.

1/23/10 04:25 pm - arico_samaa - Some cosplay pics from a local con

Sorry, no suitable light or background... ^_^'

7/14/09 05:35 pm - ssjbryan - Hey everybody thought you might like this site

here is the link to the site Hellsing Episode 1

2/23/09 12:10 am - loveyourflyingv - Anime Boston 2009

I know its a little early to ask, but I was just wondering if anyone was planning on cosplaying from Hellsing at Anime Boston 2009, may 22-24th? I'll be going as Rip and was hoping to meet a few cosplayers there.

Hope to see a few of you!

2/16/09 11:35 am - morluna - Integra Hellsing Cross Pins for Cosplay

I made some more Integra crosses for cosplay, if anyone is interested the bid starts at 5 smackeroos.


Here's the Ebay listing:

Gold Cross Pin

Silver Cross Pin

2/5/09 02:53 pm - morluna - Integra Cosplay Cross Pins

Oh hai Hellsing fandom. How have you guys been lately? <3

Shameless plug: I made some accessories recently, and I had some extra. So I thought some of the Integra cosplayers out there might like one of these. They have a simple pinback closure, and will pin easily onto your cravat. I placed a quarter there for size reference. They're about 2" tall by 1 1/2" wide.


Bigger pics under hereCollapse )

$10 a pop, shipping included in that price. I only have 1 silver and 1 gold available right now, but if there's enough demand I can make more. Just shoot me a comment here if you want one. Otherwise, comments are appreciated.

[EDIT] Now listed on My Etsy

Thanks much! <3

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10/8/08 03:40 pm - outlaw7788 - hello i'm new!!!!!

Hi I'm the Anderson from Anime Expo 2008 and here are some awesome pics.

Look this waaaaay~Collapse )

9/25/08 01:39 am - missamerikka

howdy everyone!

Say, I was at AWA this weekend and met up with a nice group of Hellsing cosplayers in the lobby on Saturday night, and I was wondering if any of them lurked around these parts. You see, I was cameraless and didn't get any pictures D:

anyone wanna share? This is the only picture I have of me as Rip!

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