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Ultimate Hellsing Cosplay

In the Name of Hirano, Impure Cosplay will be Banished into Eternal Humiliation.

7/1/08 01:26 am - millennium_majr - A Welcome With Open Arms...

I would like to extend an invitation to any and all lovers of Hellsing and cosplay to come look and join our new community of h_m_h please do stop by and check us out we are new but we love to nothing more than to unite under the banner of Hellsing and move forward with our grand and glorious vision. We welcome all with open arms,hearts and minds and hope that you will find in us some measure of happiness and any amount of insight we might hopefully provide to you.

I thank you for your time and consideration.

5/4/08 03:08 pm - alupire - Character sketches?

 (X-posted to hellsing ) Hey guys, I've been out looking for some character sketches for Hellsing for a while now, with no luck (I do assume there aren't any, but thought I'd check anyway, hoping I'm wrong). What I'm after are not the "usual" sketches (from the anime), but I'm curious to see if there are any more elaborate ones. I already know what Alucard looks like from the front and back yum, but I was rather hoping there would be some sketches of him without the coat, for instance. I'm working on a cosplay project, so I'd like to get a closer look at seams and other suchs details. On the odd chance that anyone has seen something along these lines, I'm looking for Alu, Integra and Walter, speficially. Otherwise I'll just have to wing it.  *g* Any help appreciated! Cheers, Schu

4/28/08 02:31 am - missamerikka - HEY DUDES

alright, so i'm a n00b to LJ so forgive me if I sound like a retard.

i found this community through Google actually....ANYWAY

SOOO I was planning on epicly cosplaying Rip and went out and bought a HUUGE jacket that I could modify, it's the correct length, etc. Looks pretty cool. And I was super looking forward to this, because every other character I cosplay I have to put on like, inch thick makeup in order to come close to covering up my copious amounts of freckles.

but then i'm kind of short...so i may try to make a Seras too.
so anyway,  they'll probably debut at AWA in September. anyone else going?

4/16/08 02:07 am - godlikepiro - Question about Rip cosplay.

Okay, so I'm a sewing novice, and I mean complete novice, so I have a question about Rip's jacket. I can't seem to find any double breasted jackets at thrift stores (I've been looking for a while). I'm not looking to spend a hell of a lot of money (because I don't have any, haha ;p) and I was wondering if it would be possible to take a normal suit jacket and turn it into Rip style. Would I just get a size bigger and add buttons or what? Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated. I have a lot of time to get this done since I'm not  planning on con going until I come up with enough play money. And also. Would you believe I can't find a yellow umbrella anywhere? Jesus. I found a gold umbrella, but no yellow ones. Eep.

4/11/08 08:52 pm - lordmoufmouf - New Officer's Coat

I've been forbid by the 'rents to continue purchasing anymore clothing for cosplay, but my very last purchase was this American officer's coat to use for my next Integra outfit. The buttons need to be changed, and the patches removed, but I'm happy that it fits me better than my last coat.

A few more behind the cut...
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4/3/08 04:11 pm - xxherlullabyxx - Help?

Hello everyone! A few of you might recognize me from the Hellsing community, but I'm still pretty new to this scene so forgive me if I make any of this sound awkward.  Can't say I'm used to this. 

First, I'm trying to gather together as many willing Hellsing cosplayers as possible to attend A-kon 20 next summer, in 2009.  I know, this is really early, but I'd rather start this early than too late.  I have been to A-kon the past few years and have never seen Hellsing represent other than one or two people and I was rather hoping to change that.  This probably is a really crazy idea, but I figured I'd give it a shot.  If I didn't I'd be stuck wondering if it was possible.

I also am planning to be cosplaying as the "she" from The Dawn and I was wondering if anyone had any advice on what a good material would be to use for the bandages she is wrapped in.  I have never cosplayed before so I really really could use the advice. 


3/31/08 06:20 pm - aradiadiane - HalCannon

I was hoping someone knew where I could find shots, preferably line drawings (the kind that are sometimes included in galleries on DVD extras) of the HalCannon. I've got tons of screencaps, but I can't seem to find the schematics. If anyone knows where they are to be found, it would be great! 


3/6/08 11:06 pm - trapper_n

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