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Ultimate Hellsing Cosplay

In the Name of Hirano, Impure Cosplay will be Banished into Eternal Humiliation.

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Due to the rising popularity of Hellsing in both manga and OVA form, this community came to life. hellsingcosplay is a place to share Hellsing Costuming information, pictures and cg's. Help can be asked for and found, convention meetings planned and friends made. As always, be respectful of other people.

Though there are Nazis in Hellsing, we all know the difference between discussion and insult. Racism, sexism, elitism and the like will not be tolerated. Discussion in a logical, rational manner is always welcome, but keep in mind, if people don't ask for criticism, don't give it to them. And if people decline to offer help, don't push them.

Keep the Hellsing Cosplay Community a fun and lighthearted place to post and make friends or I will bring down the Iron Sword of Justice upon your heads.

1. Pictures: Pictures -must- be behind an LJ cut if they are over 400x400 pixels. You will get one warning for not doing this and then you're gone. All 'suggestive' pictures must be behind a cut with a warning.

2. Comments: No flaming. Period. I can and will ban you from the community and moderate the posts if it gets out of hand.

3. Criticism: If you ask for people's honest opinions about your cosplay, expect to get them. However, I will not tolerate mean spirited comments involving appearance, weight, race or gender. Crossplaying isn't a sin unless it's done poorly.

4. Help: You are able to post a picture and ask which character from the anime/manga you would be best at playing, but in this same vein, remember also that you're leaving yourself open to comments that you may take personally.

5. Hellsing: This may seem redundant, but this community is HELLSING. If it is related to Hellsing in some reaonsable way (Dracula Movies, Wild Geese Movie, etc) then it is allowed. Van Helsing, is not.

6. Related: Unless your community/journal is HELLSING or HELLSING COSPLAY related, don't spam with advertisements for it. plzkthnx.

7. Convention Meet-Ups: Meeting up with people you don't know, posting your phone number, etc can be dangerous. While I allow convention and non-convention meetups to be posted here, I take no responsibility for whatever happens. You're grown-up boys and girls, act with discretion.

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